Youth & Athletics


We are blessed to have so many young people in our ministry, and to have the ability to help them get an education. We do this through our scholarship program which begins each school year and pays for their uniforms, supplies, tuition, and transportation when needed. We also have English Classes at the house that assist with their English Class in school, Homework Club which is an hour of dedicated time each week where they can receive tutoring for their homework, and Guitar Classes for any of them that want to learn to play!


We have the honor of hosting the Puerto San Jose triathlon team. All of the youth on our team range from age 6 to 23. We are the only publicly Christian team in the country. They train 6 days a week rotating biking, running, and swimming, and can have 15 to 20 competitions a year. We provide transportation and board to their competitons as well as all of the materials they need to be successful.

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