Our Team

Paul Heier — Founder & Director

Paul is a Pastor, Paramedic, Missionary, and most importantly husband and father of 3 (Pablo, Silas, and Ruben). He has a doctorate in Ministry Leadership. He was also a certified IronMan coach and a US Masters Swimming Coach. He was called into ministry as a teenager, and since then has been following wherever the Lord leads. He is the founder of Misión Hispana alongside his wife Thania, and is still proudly serving and leading this organization. 

Thania Heier — Director of Women & Children, Co-Founder

Thania has a BA in Missions, and proudly serves as our Director of Women and Children as well as being the founder of Misión Hispana alongside Paul. She was called into missions during her first semester of Bible College and she loves spending most of her time evangelizing to forgotten communities outside the local church. She has a heart for people living in extreme poverty, making her the perfect person to run our ministry at the Dump. Twice every week she prepares worship, messages, and activities for about 30-40 women, and often visits them and their families for prayer and discipleship. She is also a mother of 3 sons (Pablo, Silas, and Ruben) and cherishes her time with them. 

Berta tuchez – Guatemala administrator

Berta is our admin and bookkeeper here in Guatemala. She has a degree in Business Administration, and has been working for the mission for the past year. She works closely with our Hope Center in the garbage dump, and she has lived in Guatemala for her entire life. She has a talent for communicating and relating to people in the community and she often visits families and individuals in their houses seeing in what ways the mission can be of assistance to them. Also, she coordinates our youth activities, and each week prepares games and lessons for them. We are grateful for her attention to detail and the compassion she has for her people

Pablo Heier — Ministry Assistant

Pablo is Misión Hispana’s Ministry Assistant. At just 16, he is the team’s youngest addition, and he loves supporting the different ministries. He is a gifted athlete, musician, bike mechanic, and surfer. He loves being able to serve the ministry by lending a hand where needed, and being a translator for summer teams who come and visit us every year. 

Phillip Sanfilippo – US Administrator

Phillip is 30 years old and has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He has been a bookkeeper for around a year and a tax preparer for 2 years now. Most of his family has pursued paths in the medical field, but he wanted to pursue something outside of that. He enjoys his line of work and cherishes the people he has met so far. He hopes to continue forward in his degree and further advance his studies.